Finally acceptable Accessoires for Men: SUPREME Spring/Summer 2014 Accessories Collection

When I saw the thick golden signet ring with the big black stone i called attention to the accessoires collection by SUPREME. Every man of stature would eventually wear such a ring on his finger.

But when I started to have a closer look on it and checked out what else they have to offer, everything has become clear: that here are the ultimate men’s accessories. SUPREME has done everything right!

In addition to the hot mafia ring the U.S. label has among others a necklace that turns out to be a jack-knife, and (Warning!) a Basi-lobe (which is so awesome!) and flip-flops. The perfect accessories  for real Trailer Park Dandies like us.

As usuall by SUPREME, you are only able to buy the pieces in their stores. Us europeans have to go to London. But definitely worth it! So let´s go!!




Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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