Dandy Diary http://dandydiary.de/en/ Men´s Fashion Blog Fri, 11 Jul 2014 21:17:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.8 Atelier Brume x Dandy Diary http://dandydiary.de/en/atelier-brume-x-dandy-diary-3/ http://dandydiary.de/en/atelier-brume-x-dandy-diary-3/#comments Thu, 10 Jul 2014 14:36:54 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29814 In french ‘Brume’ means something like fog or vapour. So it made sense, that there was a fog-machine in use for the shooting of the current look-book of the label Atelier Brume.

We were there, and could wear the hot pieces by Atelier Brume while walking through the fog. And were posing next to the hot models for the new campaign of the collection Crepuscule. The pictures were taking by the Berlin based photographer Nadine Elfenbein. The styling was done by Paul Schlosser.

Atelier Brume is a designer-duo, that is living and working in Paris. The new collection was presented during Paris men’s fashion week. The process of manufacturing is very important at Atelier Brume. All pieces were produced in France.

The aesthetic of Atelier Brume reminds one of Boris Bidjan Saberi or Julius. A dark, powerful, masculine and mysterious world.

You can see for yourself at the Berlin fashion-convention Premium, where also Atelier Brume can be found, how much handwork is behind every piece of the French label.

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Julian Zigerli SS 2015 – Backstage Pics by Stini Roehrs http://dandydiary.de/en/julian-zigerli-ss-2015-backstage/ http://dandydiary.de/en/julian-zigerli-ss-2015-backstage/#comments Thu, 10 Jul 2014 09:52:27 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29816 http://dandydiary.de/en/julian-zigerli-ss-2015-backstage/feed/ 0 Atelier Brume SS 2015 http://dandydiary.de/en/atelier-brume-ss-2015/ http://dandydiary.de/en/atelier-brume-ss-2015/#comments Thu, 10 Jul 2014 08:37:29 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29811 http://dandydiary.de/en/atelier-brume-ss-2015/feed/ 0 Ivan Man SS 2015 http://dandydiary.de/en/ivan-man-ss-2015-3/ http://dandydiary.de/en/ivan-man-ss-2015-3/#comments Wed, 09 Jul 2014 13:14:15 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29809 http://dandydiary.de/en/ivan-man-ss-2015-3/feed/ 0 Yo, Yo, Yo! That is what we looked like, at the DANDY DIARY – BERLIN FASHION WEEK OPENING PARTY http://dandydiary.de/en/yo-yo-yo-that-is-what-we-looked-like-at-the-dandy-diary-berlin-fashion-week-opening-party/ http://dandydiary.de/en/yo-yo-yo-that-is-what-we-looked-like-at-the-dandy-diary-berlin-fashion-week-opening-party/#comments Tue, 08 Jul 2014 22:01:01 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29636 What is there big to talk about, you street-racers, car-chavs or pit babes? THAT are our outfits for the hottest of all the hot parties, and of course fastest, during fashion week.

We are wearing protectors by FOX, shirts by O’NEIL and FOX , trousers by K1X and ASSK and shoes by RAF SIMONS x ADIDAS – plus, in the tradition of every proper auto-tuner: mirrored sunglasses.


DATE: MON 7 JUL 2014

OPEN BAR: 10-11 PM




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SPIEGEL about Berlin Fashion Week: ‘Stitched-Inn Doubts’ http://dandydiary.de/en/spiegel-about-berlin-fashion-week-stitched-inn-doubts/ http://dandydiary.de/en/spiegel-about-berlin-fashion-week-stitched-inn-doubts/#comments Tue, 08 Jul 2014 21:45:15 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29597 Next to what feels like 100 pages about the soccer WM cup, the current SPIEGEL is writing about Berlin fashion week.

Build on the case of fashion-designer Kostas Murkudis, it is described what is wrong in Berlin. Murkudis is – next to Wolfgang Joop, Jil Sander and Karl Lagerfeld – one of those designers, that is known also outside of Germany. 2011 was the last time that Murkudis presented his designs at Berlin fashion week:

‘Besides the Mercedes-Benz fashion week, he wanted to show, what could be possible, if the fashion-industry was putting an end to celebrating its provinciality’ writes the SPIEGEL, hard, appropriate.

Back then, Murkudis presented an impressing light-fashion-installation in cooperation with the artist Carsten Nicolai. But there was only this single show presented by Murkudis. ‘This way of national self-celebration in once city without any competition’, so Murkudis, ‘I don’t find that very exciting. I prefer to fail internationally.’

There are few cities, which are currently internationally that hip, as Berlin. Doesn’t matter where you are – Tokyo, London or New York – everybody loves Berlin. Berlin sounds promising as a creative, urban, wild city, with never-ending nights, in which everything seems possible.

The organisation-team of the Berlin fashion week has not succeeded within 7 years, to use the unique image of the city, to create something unique as well.

The SPIEGEL wrote about the dilemma the following:

‘With help from the politics and much tam-tam, they tried to impress the world from the city, which is beloved by it’s inhabitants and visitors because things are working without the high-heel-swells with VIP-lists and great as new fashion can be found in back-yard ateliers’

Big fashion-brands have left Berlin: Hugo Boss, JOOP! or Rena Lange. A bulk of the labels, which are still presenting at Berlin fashion week, prefer to show their fashion in an offsite, not in the Erika-Hess-ice-stadium in Wedding, the venue of this years fashion week.

The new venue, the Erika-Hess-ice-stadium promises hope for an unusual location, which has more originality to offer then the faceless tent at Brandenburger Tor. But the SPIEGEL has already been there and reports:

‘Instead of staging a spectacular fashion-place, the hosts are simply putting seats and a runway in the middle’.

More ‘Berlin’ would definitely be good for the Berlin fashion week. The fashion week, that has been tried to be established, could take place in Düsseldorf or Munich and it wouldn’t make a difference. The business-model has failed. It does not fit Berlin.

The massive escape of young talents and established German brands – gone from Berlin – should show the hosts, that a different way of thinking is necessary. Maybe next year. You can read the complete article in the current SPIEGEL.

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BOOM! ZISH-ZISH! BOOM! Platinum-Blond is the new hot Shit http://dandydiary.de/en/boom-zish-zish-boom-platinum-blond-is-the-new-hot-shit/ http://dandydiary.de/en/boom-zish-zish-boom-platinum-blond-is-the-new-hot-shit/#comments Sat, 05 Jul 2014 16:41:04 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29060 Since it is summer and Die Antwoord released the hottest video of the season, “Pitbull Terrier”because looking like Rick Owens is so last season, because my Indian temple-hair-extensions started to annoy me anyway, because ¥o-Landi Vi$$er is super-sexy and the mullet is going to have a very hard come-back – thats why (and a little bit out of boredom) I got my new hair-do, which of-course fits brutally to our Brandenburg-auto-tuning-racer-motto of our fashion week opening party.

My personal advise for the summer of 2014 is apparently: go platinum blond! And: go mullet (or at-least a little tail, in the back of your neck)!

Do it, dandies. That is so stimulating!

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Impossible Project: Peter Kaaden photographed Candy Dandy on Polaroid http://dandydiary.de/en/29057/ http://dandydiary.de/en/29057/#comments Sat, 05 Jul 2014 16:31:03 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29057 For the so-called “Impossible Project”, our favourite man behind the camera and in-front of the pissoir (look at his Instagram-account for more clarity), he recently followed us to London with a Polaroid-camera and took many pictures, which we are happy to release here.

What you see is: Dandy-Dave, Dandy-Jakob, Dandy-A$AP Rocky, the rapper Skepta, strippers, muscle-boys, asses and a little bit of fashion. Still it was fashion week, there in London, a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

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Dandy Diary-Ranking: These are the five sexiest Designers of Berlin http://dandydiary.de/en/dandy-diary-ranking-these-are-the-five-sexiest-designers-of-berlin/ http://dandydiary.de/en/dandy-diary-ranking-these-are-the-five-sexiest-designers-of-berlin/#comments Sat, 05 Jul 2014 16:25:30 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29052 We took a look at the designers, presenting at the soon happening Berlin fashion week, the so-called „Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin“, and created a top 5 ranking of the sexiest fashion designers in Berlin.

Of-course that wasn’t easy at all. Beforehand we had to fight our way threw unsexy giants as Anja Gockel, Eva Lutz, Frida Weyer and Guido Maria Kretschner. Without wanting to tell too much before the actual ranking: None of them made it into the Top 5.

But there is not only ugly fashion and even uglies designers in Berlin, there are also some eye-candies.

Exclusively world-wide, we are proudly presenting the top 5 of the sexiest designers in Berlin. Here we go:

Number 5: Lena Hoschek is of-course a sex-hog. The designer with a passion for Dirndl and an, in another context pretty horrible, german-folk flower- and apron-look (naturally always – frivolous, frivolous! – with a bit of lacquer), seems like the wet dream of every patriotic-porn-wanker. XXL-breasts and the obligatory rock-ability tattoos are causing the rest to get her to be the number 5 of our sexiness-list.

lena hoschek boobs

Number 4: Miranda Konstantinidou is not well-known so far and on her press-photos and the google-pictures that you get when you look her up with your left hand, she looks like a mix of a bitchy accountant and a imperious dominatrix. We are afraid of her breading and would love to be fettered and hit by her. We would even wear one of her collections if she insists. We have been bad, granny! We deserve the right, hard punishment!


Number 3: Marcel Ostertag is the Conchita Wurst of the Berlin-based fashion-industry, even if he is wearing his hair a bit shorter now. His traditional high heel walk at the end of his show, makes every Jorge, who is in his own pervert way very sexy, unnecessary. More sex-appeal on two legs than in Ostertag is impossible. Marci, we want to lick your stilettos.


Number 2: That thee salon-communistic designer-duo Kaviar Gauche is very erotic, is known ever since. Therefore it makes us very sad, that the two won’t show this season at Berlin fashion week. Kaviar Gauche presents MILK-allert-6000. We would like to open Johanna Kühl and Alexandra Fischer-Roehler silk-shirts, with shaky hands, to caress the four designer-duo breasts. And if they want to, we would go along with the Kaviar-thing. To the first date we would bring – very gentlemen-like, as we are – a proper bottle of natural-sparking-wine. ‘Chin chin’ and ‘Bon Appetit’, you hot cougars!


Number 1: Isabell de Hillerin is by far the hottest hottest hottest of all the Berlin-based designers. Even if the, born somewhere in the wild of romania, fashion-designer only produces women-clothes, us male-fashion-bloggers still enjoy sitting at her fashion-shows – just to see Bella, as we call the beloved racy brunette, during the last seconds of her show when she enters the runway, and then to play a quick and super-intense round of pocket-billard. Only for this precious moment of erotica, Berlin fashion week is already worth it. We would not like to do anything else, but to smell Bella’s hair all-day long and to rub ourselves a little bit against her. We do not ask for anything more. Just a bit of smelling and rubbing. Please, please Isabell. We love you very much. *sigh*


We congratulate all the contestants and wish you a very erotic fashion week!

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New York, New York! http://dandydiary.de/en/new-york-new-york-2/ http://dandydiary.de/en/new-york-new-york-2/#comments Fri, 04 Jul 2014 11:47:42 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=29031 I spent the last days of my trip to New York  in Bushwick. A district in Brooklyn, which is on it’s way to becoming hip, but the process is not done yet, like in Williamsburg, the gentrification is still to come.

Here one can still find stores, in which chulo-fashion is available, as XXL-shirts with a fake snake-print, leather tank-tops or bandanas. Dangerous-looking latinos are cruising threw the streets with lowered cars, out of the windows deep ghetto-bass can be heard. Grandpas are playing cards. And big mamas are braiding their daughters virtuous braids.

All in all very entertaining and inspiring. At some point we climbed up on a roof top, to look at everything from above, and of course to take pictures. The pictures were taken by Michael Moser. A Swiss photographer, who recently moved to New York City, to rule the world. A sane plan.

For our shooting, I was wearing a leather jacket by SANDRO, underneath a gown that was ankle-long, bought in Tokyo, from my buddy Philip von Mollenkott, a twin-set by the WEEKDAY uni-sex line S/HE, with that aubergine-coloured shoes by Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony.

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