Dandy Diary http://dandydiary.de/en/ Men´s Fashion Blog Fri, 19 Sep 2014 16:59:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.8 Preview: Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams http://dandydiary.de/en/preview-adidas-originals-x-pharrell-williams-3/ http://dandydiary.de/en/preview-adidas-originals-x-pharrell-williams-3/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:56:38 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41271 At the beginning of the year, ADIDAS announced a collaboration together with Pharrell Williams, that shouldn’t be a one-season-thing. 

The cooperation between the Herzogenaurach-based sports-article producer and the US musician is going to be a fixed thing, beyond a few season, is the declaration. The first pictures – more or less a preview – have been crossing the net today.

Two classics have been dared by Pharrell: the super-star training-jacket with the iconic Adidas-stripes and the Stan Smith – both items are going to be available in red, blue and black.

The jacket will cost about 1000 Dollar, the Stan Smith 150 Dollar. From the 20th of september on, the first pieces of the collaboration will be delivered to selected sneaker-stores, concept-stores and adidas originals flagship stores.

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Vivienne Westwood: ‘YES’ for the Split-Off of Scotland http://dandydiary.de/en/vivienne-westwood-yes-for-the-split-off-of-scotland/ http://dandydiary.de/en/vivienne-westwood-yes-for-the-split-off-of-scotland/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:30:56 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41260 Today the people of Scotland are deciding in a referendum, if they want to be independent, or want to continue being a part of the British kingdom. Ex-corner-and-free-kick-specialist and fashion icon David Beckham has militated against the split-off of Scotland in an open later.

‘Becks’ says, watch out, get your tissues, because now it is getting emotional: that Scotland and England have more in common, then what separates them.VIVIENNE WESTWOOD apparently has a different opinion:

Westwood sent her models on the catwalk, at her Red Label SS 2015 show during London fashion week, with blue ‘YES’ buttons, which were pinned on hats and revers.

Westwood, who’s always used her fashion shows as a platform for political messages, also put notes on the chairs of the guests before the show, which had the following statement on them:

‘I am so excited. I hope that the Scots will win. It could be the turning point towards a better world. They could lead by example.’ Backstage, after the show, her words in-favour of the split-off of Scotland, were even clearer: ‘I hate England … I like Scotland because somehow I think they are better than we are. They are more democratic.’

The fashion by Vivienne Westwood – doesn’t matter in which line – has crossed its zenith. When Vivienne’s pieces become fashion (again), then it’s mostly old ideas, like the ‘Mountain Hat’, which are becoming successful again.

But – if you are not considering her fashion – it is fascinating with what kind of radicalness Westwood is combining fashion in politics, although her high age (73 years). She knows how to use fashion as a platform for her opinion, as well as hardly anyone else in the fashion business.

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Julian Zigerli AW 2014 Campaign http://dandydiary.de/en/julian-zigerli-aw-2014-campaign/ http://dandydiary.de/en/julian-zigerli-aw-2014-campaign/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 11:09:43 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41209 http://dandydiary.de/en/julian-zigerli-aw-2014-campaign/feed/ 0 Jean Paul Gaultier: End of his Ready-to-Wear Collection! http://dandydiary.de/en/jean-paul-gaultier-end-of-his-ready-to-wear-collection/ http://dandydiary.de/en/jean-paul-gaultier-end-of-his-ready-to-wear-collection/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 11:02:38 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41207 The times, in which JEAN PAUL GAULTIER was influencing fashion, are lying in the past. In the beginning of the 1990s, it probably was the last time that JPG has hit zeitgeist (besides his appearance on Dandy Diary’s Christmas Time)

He was designing the costumes for Madonnas ‘Blond Ambition Tour’ in the beginning of the 1990s. Underneath the legendary pointy bra. Back then the ‘Queen of Pop’ was very hip, by the way, and wasn’t running around, dressed head to toe in ED HARDY.

Via Women’s Wear Daily, Jean Paul Gaultier announced a few days ago, that he will stop producing his ready-to-wear collections and is going to concentrate on Haute Couture, his fragrances and his cooperations.

A wise decision by the partially stripe-wearing blonde, because, let’s face it, the, besides a few examples (RAD HOURANI unisex-collection), still-standing world of Haute Couture is fitting pretty well with the, around 7 light-years away from zeitgeist, designs by Gaultier.

In a statement towards WWD, he complains that the limited possibilities as the fast pace of the ready-to-wear collection, are not allowing any freedom for his new ideas and innovations. You could say it like that.

We wish Haute Couturier Jean Paul Gaultier good luck.

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For the Chavs amongst the Health Goths: Nike Air Max 95 ‘Triple Black’ http://dandydiary.de/en/for-the-chavs-amongst-the-health-goths-nike-air-max-95-triple-black/ http://dandydiary.de/en/for-the-chavs-amongst-the-health-goths-nike-air-max-95-triple-black/#comments Wed, 17 Sep 2014 15:04:49 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41162 In case that you are currently totally up for buying some proper sneakers, but not sure which ones to get, we advise you, without asking, to get the NIKE „Air Max 95“ in triple black.

Not only does the shoe fit perfectly to the current health-goth-look, but also to the upcoming winter and to your, hopefully also, triple black kept soul. Besides, the model “Air Max 95″, is next to the super-hot “Huarache” the best NIKE design on the market right now. You should have at least one pair in your closet – or even better: on your feet. 

Combined with the right sweat suit, you could rule in every northern English working class quarter (which is really important).

The sneaker is, amongst others, available here, for 160,- US Dollar. 

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Davidelfin SS 2015 http://dandydiary.de/en/davidelfin-ss-2015-2/ http://dandydiary.de/en/davidelfin-ss-2015-2/#comments Tue, 16 Sep 2014 10:41:49 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41143 http://dandydiary.de/en/davidelfin-ss-2015-2/feed/ 0 DANDY DIARY X TRACHTEN ANGERMAIER – Leather-Shorts are off the Market http://dandydiary.de/en/dandy-diary-x-trachten-angermaier-leather-shorts-are-off-the-market/ http://dandydiary.de/en/dandy-diary-x-trachten-angermaier-leather-shorts-are-off-the-market/#comments Mon, 15 Sep 2014 19:17:29 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41106 While we announced the design-cooperation with TRACHTEN ANGERMAIER last week, full with pride, excitement and verve and presented our Dandy Diary Trachten leather shorts, we unfortunately have to tell: the trousers have been taken off the market.

TRACHTEN ANGERMAIER decided, to not sell the trousers anymore. Not in their online-shop and neither in the stores of the traditional-fashion-house. We find that: shitty.

We were booked as designers, presented our aesthetic inspiration openly and delivered a design, that had it’s blessing by all sides involved and went into production. We do not have anything to do with the distribution of the product – and we are not involved with the sales. If the product is taken off the market, is the exclusive choice of Angermaier. That that had to happen, is very taken with sorrow by us (keyword: ‘shitty’).

The reason for the extinction of the shorts from their assortment: the gangster-symbolism, that we used, of the drug-gang MARA SALVATRUCHA, which inspired us aesthetically  (and which our partners at ANGERMAIER knew about since months – after all they printed those symbols on the trousers).

While we only received a rather harsh e-mail, in which TRACHTEN ANGERMAIER demands, to delete every reference to their house - and therefore the whole cooperation -, spoke the boss of ANGERMAIER, dr.Axel Muntz, more extensively with the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINEN ZEITUNG. There he let himself quote: ‘I was shocked. (…) We have taken the trousers out of our assortment, because I do not stand behind it. In comparison, I could also not allow swastikas, stitched on my leather trousers.’

We want to take the time to reject the comparison to swastikas, by far. Not only because the comparison is very limping, but also because we a) think that the crimes of Hitler-Germany, which happened under the swastika-flag, are not comparable to anything else (and every comparison equals a belittlement), and b) the usage of swastika-symbols is illegal. The usage of a cannabis-plant symbol isn’t (and also not of MS 13).

We would like to note again, that we only used the aesthetics of the MS13, the Latin-American drug-gang, not their ideology. The L.A.-rapper-look, used by the Maras, is currently in at many brands: Astrid Andersen, Alex Mattson, etc. The MS13 only has the most radical, the aesthetically most finished, due to authenticity, look, in this area.

Also, we found the communication about strict codes, to be interesting. The MS13 has also strict, unquestionable codes, which they communicate with aesthetically. Same as the bavarians with their traditional wear.

And that exactly those codes are not to be questioned, without a drastic punishment in each cultures, is shown beautifully with the trousers: we have broken the codes, used them ‘wrong’ – and that has been followed by the biggest punishment possible: we have been expulsed by a group, are denied and have been made invisible. Luckily without a machete.

See you at Oktoberfest – wearing: the scandalous trousers. 

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Now in diarrhoea-brown: NIKE ‘R.T. Air Force 1′ by Riccardo Tisci http://dandydiary.de/en/now-in-diarrhoea-brown-nike-r-t-air-force-1-by-riccardo-tisci/ http://dandydiary.de/en/now-in-diarrhoea-brown-nike-r-t-air-force-1-by-riccardo-tisci/#comments Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:57:44 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41104 Nothing is improving: NIKE has released another version of the “R.T. Air Force 1″.

After black and white, four models in beige are coming.

The design, created by GIVENCHY-designer Riccardo Tisci, has not really impressed us in the past colour-variations. The soft diarrhoea-brown is not really helping either.

Therefore we are happy, that it has an end with the third colour, the exasperating “R.T. Air Force 1″-series by Tisci. Maybe Rico picks another NIKE-classic next time, that would be a misfortune. We heard that, the “Air Max” still has two colour-variations left, which haven’t been released by NIKE…

From the 16th of october on you can order the Tisci X Nike shoes, here 

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Opel-Gang in Riga! http://dandydiary.de/en/opel-gang-in-riga/ http://dandydiary.de/en/opel-gang-in-riga/#comments Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:06:15 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41102 In front of the ‘muscular design’ of the Adam Rocks, we also played with our muscles and were posing in dangerous poses.

We were speeding through the Latvian forests, were sliding on gravel-slopes, earned the respect of the locals at the traffic light with our roaring motor and tried our best at the, sadly out-fashioned, cult-sport car surfing. 

Jakob was wearing an ADIDAS twin-set and a jacket by ELEMENT, combined with sunglasses by KARL LAGERFELD Eyewear and his edgy-fresh-futuristic ADIDAS x RICK OWENS kickers.

Dandy Dave got the inspiration for his look at the CRAIG GREENs SS 2014 Collection. A collection, in which his models are wearing batik-coloured fighting-outfits. David was wearing a batik T-shirt and a sweater, an army-vest, a bucket-hat with a camouflage-pattern and shoes by DOC MARTENs.

Of-course there was enough time to take a stroll through Rigas nightlife. We were singing karaoke with russian oligarchs and were drinking ‘kamikaze’ with Opel-owners – a local schnapps, which – well – kind of strange taste causes uncanny facial expressions after drinking.

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Hood By Air x Forfex – Boots // Pre-Spring 2015 http://dandydiary.de/en/hood-by-air-x-forfex-boots-pre-spring-2015/ http://dandydiary.de/en/hood-by-air-x-forfex-boots-pre-spring-2015/#comments Sat, 13 Sep 2014 12:28:22 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=41038 The New York-based in-label HOOD BY AIR has designed a boot in cooperation for FORFEX, which is supposed to be released on the market with the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

What we see is a perverse mix of TIMBERLAND-boots, NIKE “Huarache”-sneakers and NIKE ‘Air Yeezy’. People with less shoe-knowledge probably see an ugly orthopaedic shoe in hospital-grey. We think that both isn’t very cool.

Our quick conclusion: beautiful is something else and fat soles have already been hipper.

A shame HBA, that: did not work out.

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