Dandy Diary http://dandydiary.de/en/ Men´s Fashion Blog Tue, 03 Mar 2015 09:37:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.8 Beef: Just Cavalli vs. Graffiti-Artists http://dandydiary.de/en/beef-just-cavalli-vs-graffiti-artists/ http://dandydiary.de/en/beef-just-cavalli-vs-graffiti-artists/#comments Mon, 02 Mar 2015 23:07:15 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46767 The Italian power-labels have reached their zenith. Brands with a street-wear background are the spirit of the day. It also does not help, if one decides to print graffities on their designs, to earn some street cedibility, like JUST CAVALLI.

For the spirng/summer collection 2014 by JUST CAVALLI, Cavalli and his team stole graffities by the California-based Mad Society Kings Crew. So obvious, that the copycat-case has been pointed out to the MSK crew. The JUST CAVALLI team even used the acronyms (names) of the artists on their designs.

The MSK crew is sewing them because of violation of copy-right and unfair contest. It does not look bad for the graffiti-gang. At first instance the graffiti-artists Jason “Revok” Williams, Victor “Reyes” Chapa und “Jeffrey “Steel” Rubin, were entitled as rightful.

A mad world, what we are living in, in which used-to-be outlaws of the street are now engaging with the law, to protect their art.

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Recap: #GoldCelebration Photo-Contest http://dandydiary.de/en/recap-goldcelebration-photo-contest/ http://dandydiary.de/en/recap-goldcelebration-photo-contest/#comments Mon, 02 Mar 2015 22:48:19 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46764 The British star-photographer RANKIN has been on tour, together with our favourite whisky Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve (one glas a day keeps bad toughts away!), through Europe to cast new faces. The winner has been announced now (pictures are coming!).

RANKIN has created a photo-booth together with a bunch of clever technicians, just for this contest, which has been shipped all across Europe for the #GoldCelebration-contest, and only to top events.

The premiere for the RANKIN photo-booth was in Venice during the international film festival, afterwards the booth went to Hamburg and Stuttgart for a few events, then to Berlin fashion week and later to the Berlinale.

At the Berlinale party, ‘Games of Thrones’-star Gwendoline Christie, dream of our lonely Dandy nights Bianca Suarez and the rapper Eko Fresh, took a picture in the RANKIN photo-booth.

Whoever wants to see Dandy Jakob in the magical booth by RANKIN, please click here. We are excited which beauty has been selected in the end, by RANKIN personally, to be photographed by him in his studio in London.

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Partycrasher SpongeBob! http://dandydiary.de/en/partycrasher-spongebob-2/ http://dandydiary.de/en/partycrasher-spongebob-2/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:22:59 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46739 No, you were not hallucinating: SpongeBob was actually attending our recent Dandy Diary Fashion Week Opening Party.

SpongeBob, who is usually just hanging out with weird inhabitants of the ocean in the city of Bikini Bottom came to our Dandy Diary FW party, to rave to hippie sounds and – as the professional that he is – to promote his new ‘SpongeBob’ episodes.

The new episodes are airing from the 23rd of february on, monday til friday at 5.40 PM on Nickelodeon Germany.

In the first episode, SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick is suddenly turning into a super-hero and wants to clean up Bikini Bottom. In another new episode, the small evil Plankton, is getting a pet, but of-course not a normal one. Mr.Krabs on the other hand is spending an eductional and adventurous night in a bank-safe.

Oy, oy, oy – this is where it’s happening, Bikini Bottom. Therefore: Kids, chips and turn on the TV.

The next Dandy Diary party will be held in Bikini Bottom by the way.

Dresscode: Seapunk!

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Grand-Daddy Marc Jacobs doesn’t get the Internet! http://dandydiary.de/en/grand-daddy-marc-jacobs-doesnt-get-the-internet/ http://dandydiary.de/en/grand-daddy-marc-jacobs-doesnt-get-the-internet/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2015 15:57:39 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46737 Granny Suzy Menker and the 51-year old Marc Jacobs, have recently chatted in an interview with VOGUE about the internet and young designers, besides his collection.

Marc Jacobs, who’s label smartly searched for models via Instagram for it’s last campaign, is surprisingly an advocat for the ‘old school’.

‘I am so disgusted by the whole social media thing’, Jacobs reveals to Menkes. ‘I simply do not understand how people work on their laptops, I also do not want to read a book on a tablet. I like real books with font and paper. I love magazines. I don’t care, if I have to carry around 100 magazines. Still better than looking at it on the internet.’

The ex-patron of the P&C Designer for Tomorrow award Jacobs also seems to be disgusted by the young designer generation:

You know, I am an older person now, I’m going to be 52 in a couple of months, But I look at young fashion and it seems like it’s all the same – the idea of what is edgy or cool. It’s style with no substance; it doesn’t really seem born of anything. I don’t see the rebellion or edge in it. It just looks like a cliche: salad oil in the hair, Frankenstein shoes and the trappings of punk and all these other things.

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11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi FW15 Lookbook http://dandydiary.de/en/11-by-boris-bidjan-saberi-fw15-lookbook-2/ http://dandydiary.de/en/11-by-boris-bidjan-saberi-fw15-lookbook-2/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2015 14:43:27 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46735 http://dandydiary.de/en/11-by-boris-bidjan-saberi-fw15-lookbook-2/feed/ 0 Leisure Suit Dandies http://dandydiary.de/en/leisure-suit-dandies-2/ http://dandydiary.de/en/leisure-suit-dandies-2/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2015 14:34:23 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46732 During New York fashion week we have not only been – we have to admit that very openly at this point – watching shows and drinking champagne, but have also been hanging out from time to time, very comfy in our hotelroom and were (of-course): blogging.

Due to the crazy frostiness but also because of the comfort, we have been wearing whole-body-suits while hanging out and blogging by our favourite (attention: important word) leisure-wear-brand ONEPIECE.

A few of our very conservative business partners were complaining about the dull sound on the phone and the cleaning lady got scared at first seight, but besides everything was tip-top, for us, New York, the frostiness, the crazy suite at Soho-house, the laxness and the fine leisure-wear. We enjoy thinking about that day. *seigh*

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This RICK OWENS-leather-vest costs 100.000 Euros http://dandydiary.de/en/this-rick-owens-leather-vest-costs-100-000-euros/ http://dandydiary.de/en/this-rick-owens-leather-vest-costs-100-000-euros/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2015 14:17:23 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46730 This hooded vest costs 100.000,- euros (well close – to be more exact: 98.000,-). It was designed bz the star-goth RICK OWENS and it can be bought here, which we would only advise to do assertively. In case that you have the cash flowing right now, get this not-so-pretty piece made from kangaroo leather. You sure do not deserve better.

You can look at more pictures of the ugly luxury-vest at our friends from Highsnobiety.

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DANDY DIARY-Feature at ARTE http://dandydiary.de/en/dandy-diary-feature-at-arte/ http://dandydiary.de/en/dandy-diary-feature-at-arte/#comments Mon, 23 Feb 2015 14:13:09 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46624 As if we didn’t have had enough to do, our party, fashion week, bell-bottoms and those alpacas, there was also a camera-team following us in the middle of january, from the favourite tv-channel of all smarties: ARTE.

Well, well – therefore there are again nice Dandy-videos (including porno-extracts), unseen pictures of our crazily-wild scandalous party and finally also a close-up of the alpaca ‘Ferdinand’ to watch. Already for the last part, it was already worth it.

And hey, this is ARTE. Not ProSieben. That is gratifying. Even for us extreme haters. 

You can watch the whole show here, for the next three months. Do it, homies, otherwise there is punishment!

P.S.: That we are in the very same show as the god of trouble and Liam-bro Noel Gallagher, is of-course nothing but the highlight of our career. 

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ADIDAS is looking for a new Boss http://dandydiary.de/en/adidas-is-looking-for-a-new-boss/ http://dandydiary.de/en/adidas-is-looking-for-a-new-boss/#comments Mon, 23 Feb 2015 13:59:14 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46622 According to an insider, ADIDAS is currently looking for a new CEO. The contract of the previous boss Herbert Hainer is actually running until 2017 but still the search has intensified.

It is ‘very uncertain’, if Hainer will function for the rest of his tenure. A few investors have already said last year, that they would prefer a faster swap at the peak. UNION INVESTMENT-fonds-manager (o,89% share) Ingo Speich said: ‘We do not have trust anymore.’

It is criticised, that Hainer does not manage to position ADIDAS right against it’s biggest competitor NIKE and is even loosing shares in it’s home country to the Americans.

Now it is said, that a new strategy is only convincing with a new leader. After 14 years as the head of ADIDAS, Herbert Hainer can not be addressed by that.

If KANYE WEST has put himself in the game already for the position of the CEO, has not been confirmed yet by our ADIDAS-insider.

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LVMH announces the Short-List for the ‘Young Designers Prize’ (i.a. Astrid Andersen, Nazir Mazhar, XimonLee, Off-White) http://dandydiary.de/en/lvmh-announces-the-short-list-for-the-young-designers-prize-i-a-astrid-andersen-nazir-mazhar-ximonlee-off-white/ http://dandydiary.de/en/lvmh-announces-the-short-list-for-the-young-designers-prize-i-a-astrid-andersen-nazir-mazhar-ximonlee-off-white/#comments Mon, 23 Feb 2015 13:42:41 +0000 http://dandydiary.de/?p=46620 The luxury-concern LVMH (i.a. Louis Vuitton, Céline, Kenzo, Givenchy, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, plus nearly all known champagne-brands) have announced the short-list for this year’s ‘Young Designer Prize’. The prize-receiver get’s 300.000,- euros, a one-year long coaching by a LVMH-mentor and of-course a lot of attention by the media. Plus a wet handshake with the LVMH-uber-mufti Bernard Arnault. Last year, the creator of Hood By Air, Shayne Oliver, had the pleasure of jerking off to that.

From the 26 semifinalists, six finalists are going to be chosen in march, of whom one will win. We can really understand the nomination of Nasir Mazhar, Craig Green and Astrid Andersen, but the nomination of Virgil Abloh (Off White) makes us doubt the mental intactness of the jury (original statement I Dandy Diary: ‘are they stupid or what!?’ original statement II Dandy Diary: ‘did they jug paint!?’). 

May that be as it is, here are the 26 nominees :

Devon Halfnight Leflufy (Antwerp)
Agi & Sam (London)
Andrea Jiapei Li (China)
Anton Belinskiy (Kiev)
Arthur Arbesser (Milan)
Astrid Andersen (Copenhagen)
Baja East (New York)
Coperni (Paris)
Craig Green (London)
Faustine Steinmentz (London)
Huishan Zhang (London)
Jaquemus (Paris)
Jourden (Hong Kong)
Koche (Paris)
Marques Almeida (London)
Nabil Nayal (London)
Nasir Mazhar (London)
OFF-WHITE (Chicago)
Orley (New York)
Ryan Lo (London)
Ryan Roche (Hurley, NY)
Sankuanz (China)
Vetements (Paris)
WrittenAfterwards (Japan)
Xiao Li (London)
XimonLee (New York)

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