Fat Tongue, Phat Shoe: EWING ATHLETICS 33 Hi in two new Colour Combinations

EWING ATHLETICS, the sport-shoe company of the legendary basketball-giant Patrick Ewing (2,13 meters), updated their model 33, which – as you would have guessed – is named after the number of the player, in two different colour combinations: blue/orange and mustard-yellow/black. 

We find both models great, but actually less because of the fitting colour-combinations, than because of the big fat shoe-tongue. 

As we all know: everything that looks like a club-foot, is currently dam’n cool.

The EWING ATHLETICS 33 Hi-Sneaker is available from today on, you can order it here. We advise you: do it – and stroll around with the proper horse’s hoofs soon.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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