Fashion Shooting: NEW YORKER by Felix Krüger @ DANDY DIARY Fashion Week Opening Party

While everyone else had a wild time, spitting beer at each others faces or fucking on the toilet, one person was working hard during our DANDY DIARY Berlin fashion week opening rally.

Of-course we are talking about Felix Krüger, who is not only a true cool-cat, he might even be the best photographer of his generation. Some even call him a ‘star-photographer’, because he already had Robbie William in front of his camera – and naturally every German star. The title is – even though it’s pretty shitty – very fitting. 

For NEW YORKER the KRVGER, what Felix calls himself sometimes because of reasons that are not clear, photographed a fashion-series at our party – of course completely styled in clothes from the fashion-imperialist from Braunschweig.

We see leather- and bomber-jackets, logo-shirts, coverage-cloths, leather hot-pants and baseball-shirts. All things we would wear like this. Even the hot-pants. In-spite of all the haters, fuckers!

Also our party was sponsored, besides others, proudly by NEW YORKER, who, unlike many others, had the balls to invest in the bunker-madness. 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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