Fashion film: “A Therapy” by Roman Polanski for Prada

Roman Polanski made a seemingly high-end film for the Milanese fashion house Prada. Entitled “A Therapy”. Which it basically is all about.

Ben Kingsley plays a therapist, Helena Bonham-Carter – his patient. While she’s talking trivial crap, he falls in love with her ​​purple-colored fur coat. Film ends with the fact that he lustfully grabs the coat and stares in the mirror. So far, so trivial.

A combo of Polanski (The Pianist, Rosemary’s Baby), Helena Bonham-Carter (Fight Club), Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast – we mean the movie as well as the fact) and Prada (loads, loads of cash) leaves much to have been desired.

 The only thing, seventies’ style of doctor’s office interiors is pretty keen. The rest isn’t quite worth seeing for the second time.

Schade Schokolade.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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