Electronic Beats Festival – Bratislava

“Dobrý deň, ste krásna slovenčina žena, chcete piť pivo so mnou?”

We’ve always wanted to say that. But now it just fits perfectly well because on the 19th of April, i.e. in a few days, we’ll be in Bratislava to witness our third most favorite band HURTS.

We’re anticipating the festival in Pressburg with pants-wetting excitement and have been trying to learn all HURTS songs by heart for days now. After all the most popular concert goers are those who sing along to the sad 80’s hits of whatever band is on stage at the time as loudly and out of tune as possible – and we really don’t want to miss out on the award for the most popular attendees.

What we’re also doing at the moment: Think of an outfit that’s beer bong compatible.

More information on ELECTRONIC BEATS BY TELEKOM here.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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