Dots, dots, dots

Dots have been an awfully hot topic in the fashion world. Also and especially the dotted allover-look(like William Richard Green and Swagger).

I bought my today’s outfit in an NY’s superstore “Saturdays NYC several weeks ago . The shop looks like a surf-shop, like a one aof a good kind: instead of dreadlocked assholes and bad $3,5o caipirihnas there’s good coffee, books and a couple of vintage surfboards (well yeah, it’s probably a must) astonishingly carelessly dressed salesmen and a bunch of good “Saturdays Surf” clothing – including my dotted combo.

I bought a suitable hat at Supreme, the many times praised and hyped skate shop in New York. The woven shoes are from Bulgaria. I bought them about eight years ago during the  Dandy Diary Trip through Eastern Europe. Sunglasses are plastic, bought in Paris last summer.

The only right location (besides Hawaii and Australia) for my “Saturdays Surf”-outfit was found quickly: the “Ponta da Piedade” in Algarve. The coast is not only amazingly beautiful but also totally hip amongst surfers.

 The lame thing is, that most surfer-boys are rather wearing long Billabong shorts than allover-dotted-combos. Too bad, too bad, you dreadlocked fools. Off to NY to buy a proper outfit and then try again, please!

Saturdays Surf NYC, 31 Crosby Street  New York, NY 10013, USA.

Ponta da Piedade, 8600 Lagos, Portugal.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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