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DONATELLA & ME: Jakob in Versace

While David got a colorful Versace-Outfit, I on the other hand got everything in the colors red and pink. Well. Donatella will know, what she is doing. 

The winner of the outfit is of course the sleeveless, pink turtleneck-sweater, which blends in great with the red suit. The moment I went to the organic store in my part of town, I even received a little applause. Unbelievable. 

Von: Jakob




London’s Grime Revival

A few hours before the Brit Awards 2015, according to the legend, SKEPTA received a call by Kanye West.

YEEZUS asked the hottest UK Grime artist to collect his crowd, to be on stage with him during his song ‘All Day’ at the Brits. The underground-movement Grime reached mainstream.

Grime arose in the early years of 2000 in London, from UK garage, dancehall, hip hop and drum and bass. Grime means that MC’s are raggedly rapping, rapid-fire mode to 135 – 140 BPM sounds.

What is happening in London at the moment – music and fashion-wise – is a Grime revival. SKEPTA, who already in the beginning significantly influenced Grime with his ‘Boy Better Know’ crew, went from underground-hero to pop icon. The East London phenomena Grime is becoming a global export-good.

Fashion has always had an important role in Grime. In Garage, which is the origin of Grime, people always wore show-off labels as Moschino, Versace or Iceberg. Expensive brands, which East London kids couldn’t afford. Therefore they weren’t allowed to access clubs.

They wore the uniform of the street: caps, sweat-suits and sneakers and started their own movement – away from the Garage clubs – at Grime raves, which kept being stopped by the police.

‘The man’ of the revival – Skepta – has produced the soundtrack from the SS 2015 collection by NASIR MAZHAR. At the Nasir Mazhar after party, SKEPTA rocked the audience with his ‘Boy Better Know’ crew.

Music and fashion-wise, Skepta is role model for an entire generation. His look is exemplary for the second wave of Grime. He is wearing NIKE hoodies of the combat-line, New Era Lake Elsinore 59FIFTY Fitted cap (“That’s not me”), NIKE dealer-bags, Slazenger sweater, Helly Hansen jacket and NIKE Air Max 95.

One can study the look of Skepta and his gang by watching the video to ‘Shutdown’. SKEPTA himself is wearing COTTWEILER from head to toe in the music video. Besides there are items by Stone Island, Supreme, Adidas and again and again: NIKE, the probably most important brand of the Grime revival.

There are many overlaps with the internet phenomena Health Goth, where it is also mainly about black performance wear, but GRIME is more gangsta, less sporty, plus it is a movement, where the background plays an important role, also fashion-wise.

Von: Julian



Interview: Formel E-Rennfahrer Bruno Senna

Bruno Senna is not only the nephew of the big racer Ayrton Senna, but also – on short notice – the new ‘Follow Your Nature’-protagonist of the German fashion brand MARC O’POLO. On short notice, because MARC O’POLO will only use Senna as an advertiser for one race, during the formula E-race at the airport Tempelhof.

How spontaneous the cooperation occurred, is visible at the branding. In-stead of sewing the brand-logo next to all the other logos on the racing suit, it was just put on with glue. Such a punk-attitude would have not been possible at the trough-and-through regulated formula one, at the rather young racing-series formula E this is not an issue.

At the press-conference in Berlin, thoughts were expressed about expanding the sponsoring over the complete second season. They seem to have gotten along well.

After the conference, which attracted a quite impressive amount of chirpy photographers, we have spoken to Senna about his casual-style, sponsoring and cooperation with MARC O’POLO:

When was the first time that you heard about MARC O’POLO?

I have heard about the brand a long time ago, but never knew exactly what it stands for. My sister had a few MARC O’POLO-pieces. She had brought them from Europe. But I just recently really got to know the brand, by working together.

You are obviously wearing MARC O’POLO at the moment. Do you think that the sponsoring will influence your wardrobe also besides press conferences? 

I hope so. Unfortunately I only brought a small suitcase with me for this journey, otherwise I would take a few pieces with me. But maybe they will send some to my home. I like the comfortable pieces by MARC O’POLO. They have good basics. I don’t really like things, that are too flashing. I’m not the type for that. Therefore MARC O’POLO is the perfect brand for me.

On the press photos, you are wearing a MARC O’POLO-t-shirt under your racing suit. Is that authentic?

We only staged that for the photo. Underneath our racing suits we have to wear long-sleeve, fire-proof tops with a high collar. Everything else is forbidden. In case we are expanding the cooperation with MARC O’POLO, we could think about clothes especially for the race, with branding.

Next to MARC O’POLO, the razor-manufacturer GILLETTE is one of your sponsors. How much are you thinking about your looks and your wardrobe?

When you are working as a brand-ambassador for a big brand, one has to take care how he presents himself. I am trying to wear rather comfortable clothes while doing that. I am from Brazil, where people prefer wearing the least possible. In public I am trying to protect my casual image and to be dressed appropriately. I like polo-shirts and stuff like that. I just shouldn’t be too tight. At more formal occasions I am wearing a suit of-course but I prefer to stay casual.

Is it part of your cooperation with GILLETTE, to always appear clean-shaven in public?

Yes, it is like that. We have been working together since 2011 and since then I have to check to not leave the house with being shaved.

The current campaign by MARC O’POLO is run under the motto “Follow Your Nature”. Which nature are you following?

I have always been interested in sport, outdoor-activities and competition. I can combine that very well at the formula E. There I have the competition without hurting my environment.

Are you also driving an electric car privately?

No, not yet. I was driving a Tesla once. But the car is simply too big. I live in Monaco, that is not a good city for big cars.

If you want to know EVEN more, about Bruno and Marc O’, should just click here or here.

Von: Julian






New York Fashion Week: Hood by Air AW 2015

HOOD BY AIR presented their new collection ‘Daddy’ in a cellar-like setting at the Wall Street, the centrum of finance.

The mastermind behind HBA, Shayne Oliver, showed classics from the world of fashion, like button-down shirts, sweaters and polo t-shirts in the typical unisex Hood by Air Silhouette. Therefore it came to an hybrid between polo shirt and dress. Or camel coat and tank top.

The models wore locks in-front of their mouths and tights over their heads, like burglars. The soundtrack of the show, total freedom, was ended drastically, followed by jazz, underlined with the statement of the Empire:

“I wanna show you a faggot really can run this company”.

It becomes obvious how appreciated HBA is also in the art-world, when looking at the guests who attended the show, for example Klaus Biesenbach and Grace Coddington.

It seems that HBA, even after the diss by their once supporter A$AP ROCKY, is still very hip.




Yes! Yes! Yes! New Adidas X Porsche Design super bounces in the house!!