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DONATELLA & ME: Dandy Diary in Versace

Today again, we have an absolute blast of a message: Donatella Versace – the sister of the great Gianni Versace, chief designer at VERSACE, blondest woman in Italy, brutally sexy – selected us as a partner for the kick-off of her new digital campaign and its online shop.

And as if it wasn’t crazy enough already, we’re in good company, too. Beside DANDY DIARY, our beloved blogs, AMLULBRYANBOYKATE LOVES MEMODEPILOT and STYLEBUBBLE will participate. These are the top players of international fashion blogging. Well, yeah. And us.

Donatella has, so far, we can already tell you, selected an outfit from the latest Versace collection both for David and me. What outfits these will be, we don’t know, and are very excited about what Dona (as we call her) decided. I’m secretly hoping for a studded full-body leather outfit for David – so that he would never again have to pay admission at Berghain.

Those who don’t want to miss seeing how David and me look like in the loud, colorful, insane and overloaded Italian outfits Donatella chose for us, should logically be constantly surfing here with us on DANDY DIARY or check VERSACE-Facebook page. You’ll be kept up to date there, too. And via Versace-Newsletter, of course.

If we weren’t the only heterosexual participants (from the male side, of course) in this action, we would write something like”!! Oh my gosh It’s Donatella This is soooo C-R-A-Z-Y” at the end of this post.

But it doesn’t work that way so we close this post with casual baritones: “Yo”.

Von: Jakob






Trend: Brit-Pop-Haircuts at PRADA

When I look at the current PRADA-campaign for autumn, I mainly see one thing: a hard comeback of the brit-pop-haircuts.

Therefore, get a proper, likely very short bangs and leave your hair around the ears long, kids. In general, it is still Paul Weller, the old mod, who can be taken as a big style-idol; but also the early Gallagher-brothers.

A new haircut is definitely cheaper, than the new PRADA-collection, captured by Steven Meisel.

prada-pre-fall-2015-campaign-3-960x640 prada-pre-fall-2015-campaign-2-960x640 prada-pre-fall-2015-campaign-1-960x640

Von: Julian



Very Last-Season: Cara and Pharrell in the CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2015 Campaign

More last-season than the current CHANEL-campaign is impossible. Already because of Cara Delevigne and Pharrell Williams.

Is Karl Lagerfeld getting old? Does he not know, what is hip and what isn’t anymore? That would at-least be: groundbreaking!

We are fed up with Cara and Pharrell, who have already annoyed us in 2014.

Grandpa Karl, please go looking for new friends. The old-ones suck.

Von: Julian




New York Fashion Week: Hood by Air AW 2015

HOOD BY AIR presented their new collection ‘Daddy’ in a cellar-like setting at the Wall Street, the centrum of finance.

The mastermind behind HBA, Shayne Oliver, showed classics from the world of fashion, like button-down shirts, sweaters and polo t-shirts in the typical unisex Hood by Air Silhouette. Therefore it came to an hybrid between polo shirt and dress. Or camel coat and tank top.

The models wore locks in-front of their mouths and tights over their heads, like burglars. The soundtrack of the show, total freedom, was ended drastically, followed by jazz, underlined with the statement of the Empire:

“I wanna show you a faggot really can run this company”.

It becomes obvious how appreciated HBA is also in the art-world, when looking at the guests who attended the show, for example Klaus Biesenbach and Grace Coddington.

It seems that HBA, even after the diss by their once supporter A$AP ROCKY, is still very hip.




Bird sEyeView Dandy Dave eating a delicious lentil soup at Gel Gr!

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