Do Away with Colorful Chinos


For two reasons:

a)    the good old jeans is back

b)   the focus in men’s wardrobes is moving back above the belt.

You can please take all of your colored chinos right now and take them to your local clothing container. Because this winter, but mainly in the upcoming spring absolutely no one wants to see cheeky-colorful cotton pants.

The style-conscious man should rather return to the most manly of all pants: the jeans.

As opposed to crazy colored chinos, a blue jeans as you’re supposed to wear it now is fairly easy-going. However, that works very well with the skewing of visual highlights of the wardrobe towards the upper body.

While we have been giving a lot of attention to legs with a variety of colors or loud patterns we can now dedicate ourselves to upper body wear. The one single criteria is that it needs to fit to jeans. But somehow everything does anyway.

Fashion is becoming easier, more classic, and more masculine again.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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