Disaronno Spreads Love – we don’t unfortunately

The bad news first: Our line didn’t make it. We didn’t win. We couldn’t spread our love.

Liquor brand DISARONNO was calling out to send to them the most romantic, most beautiful, funniest, and best love declaration for Valentine’s Day. The winning line would be put on billboards across Berlin.

We were super stoked for the call-out. We do have tons of love to spread, after all.

Our Taxi Driver quote “I only wish every man could know what it’s like to be loved by you.” Seems to have been lacking a bit of a personal touch and maybe it was also a little too vulgar.

Anyway, because we’re great at losing we’re congratulating the winner Thorsten. His line “Janz Berlin is eene Wolke und ick mit dir is wie uff Wolke Sieben…”

convinced the entire Schnaps jury and can now be seen on a variety of different walls in the capital.

We are jealous as hell and demand at least one case of the tasty liquor to make up for this! Are you hearing us DISARONNO?

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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