Diet Coke by Marc Jacobs

Before one could get a glance at the Diet Coke bottles design by Marc Jacobs, we could call look at a half-naked Marc Jacobs, as ripped as ever. The designer splashed himself with a diet coke for the campaign. We thought that was pretty fucking sexy..

The bottles we can see now, do unfortunately not feature muscle man Marc Jacobs but merely his drawings. Somehow disappointing. The new creative director illustrated three different bottles. Uber-theme of the motives: “I like the 90’s”.

Jacobs’ coke cans are available at Paris boutique Colette. We will immediately take the next plane to the city of love to shop 50 cases Diet Coke by Marc Jacobs so we won’t have to drink anything else in 2013. Well, maybe a Gin Tonic here and there.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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