Did the whole German fashion media industry get bought over by “ISABEL MARANT pour H&M” ?

Currently we feel nothing but hate. This is why we won’t care about our blogger- and magazine friends and are just going to ask –

Did the whole German fashion media industry get bought over by “ISABEL MARANT pour H&M” ?

After a quick research on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and Google , the answer seems to be yes.

The Swedish job provider (including jobs for children) H&M , seems to have put a lot of effort into getting the whole German fashion industry on its side. Even the most integer blogs seem to have become weak considering offers from the head offices in Stockholm or locally in Hamburg

Anyway , we are willing to stay a little blind folded when it comes to Isabel and H&M since their last collaborations were going so badly : VERSACE x H&M could truly be called a flop , it was hanging in stores for weeks and insiders said that the MARGIELA x H&M collection got ‘reduced to death’ and ‘even months after the sale season it was still available online’  , ‘nearly caught mold’

Therefore we hope that the golden shower of Swedish Crowns on German ground , which by the way is the largest sales market for H&M , is leading to some kind of success . This time it won’t fail because of the lack of support from the fashion media.

Well done, dear colleagues  (douchebags!)

P.S.: In case our suspicion is incorrect and the whole fashion media industry did not get (!) money from H&M for the brutally frequent media coverage , just a sweater from the collection – for instance – , we are going to shut our mouths this very second . Plus we are going to fold our hands behind our heads and start rolling on the floor in embryo position , quiet crying included.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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