Dandy of the Week: Sam Lambert

His first custom-made suit wore Sam Lambert – our ‘Dandy of the Week’ – when he was five years old. Nothing unusual in Angola – the home-country of Lambert. The custom-made sunday-suit is a tradition there.

But before the ‘black gypsy’ discovered fashion as his profession, some years passed. First, Lambert worked as a carpenter in Portugal, later he fixed radios. But at some point the genes from his father (tailor) came threw: Lambert became a designer. 

He worked for OZWALD BOATENG and SPENCER HART. With his BFF Shaka Maidoh, Lambert founded the platform ART COMES FIRST. Here is, where the two dandies bring together fashion-companies and creative heads.

Lambert does not seem to exit the house without Maidoh. He is his black, and not so sexy Veronika Heilbrunner. An unbearable accessoire. 

Threw street-style photography, Lambert became a globally celebrated fashion-icon. A ‘role-model’ for every ambitious dandy.

He describes his style as ‘sophisticpunk’. A mix between sophistication and punk. Lambert is a DIY dandy. Because he hardly wears designer-pieces. He buys a lot of vintage-pieces, which he customises at home.

Before Lambert says ‘nighty-night’, to dream from his style-icon ex-YSL designer Stefano Pilati, he puts out his clothes for the next day. More dandy is impossible.

 Lambert first chooses a shirt, then a tie and then a hat. These three pieces are the base for every look of his. The rest gets adapted. 

He is wearing three-partite suits, panama-style hats, chinos, black glasses with massive frames, brogues, suspenders, vintage club ties and gatsby caps. Lambert without a hat would be like Cindy without a Bert. Unimaginable. 

People, who are naughty and steal his hat to put it on themselves, are the worst for the chosen Londoner (apparently this seems to happen often). Also moopies (male groupies). You can actually count us to the second, hated group by Lambert  – the moopies. Because in lonely nights, we secretly open our lockers to look at printed pictures of Sam Lambert, in the sallow light of our reading-lamp. 

To finnish, here are three styling-rules for all Dandy Diary readers by our ‘Dandy of the Week’:

1. Do not mix more than three colours in one outfit. 

2. ‘Classic Style’ is always good. Over-the-top looks are lame.

3. Play with proportions. Does not matter if you are tall, small or fat. 

In case, Lambert gets reincarnated, what – considering his impressive style – would be a fair thing for humanity, he wants to return as ‘black Jesus’ to planet earth.

We want to wish him good luck with that!

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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