Dandy of the Week: Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage turns 48 today. Given the occasion – and because it’s long overdue – he is our “Dandy of the Week”.

Of course it’s not his birthday alone that’s bringing him the highest of all Dandy titles. After all, everyone has got a birthday. Just like an asshole.

Nicolas Cage is first and foremost “Dandy of the Week” because of his art. It consists of perhaps being the coolest person on the planet. Virtually no one shows off their large forehead and receding hairline with this much self-confidence – just like a proper pedophile’s beard.

His entire acting career, honored with an Oscar for the lead role in Leaving Las Vegas is based on that one single sad face. No one has ever been able to do it better. Also, an alcoholic has rarely been played more convincingly than Nicolas Cage playing Ben Sanderson in Leaving Las Vegas.

Imagine: Easily 60 Hollywood movies with that one face. How to fail at that can be seen with Robert Pattinson, the vampire of the Twilight Saga.

In private too, Quick Nic (a few of his even fewer fans call him that) is cool as fuck: He had himself named Citizen of the Year by the United Nations, bought an island off the Bahamas that he still owns, and purchased Schloss Neidstein in the “Oberpfalz” in Southwest Germany that he had to sell again after getting into financial trouble. Cynical people might accuse him of living beyond his means  – we on the other hand find that very dandyesque. Buying a castle that you can’t even remotely support financially – while being the 8th best paid actor in the world, are you kidding? That’s fantastic. And it gets even better when you consider he’s only been to the castle once.

That alone makes Nicolas Cage a very worthy “Dandy of the Week”. Happy Birthday!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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