Dandy of the Week: Karl Lagerfeld

Yes, yes, yes, we know we should have made Karl Lagerfeld the first “Dandy of the Week” ever, or even, have filled up a “Dandy of the Century”-trophy goblet for him. But we haven’t. And we’re ashamed of it.

But this week we can not avoid it, to at least elect Kalle for “Dandy of the Week”.

The reason for this is not one of his dozens (guest) collections for each and everyone, nor any insult to someone overweight, but the eyewitness account from Alison Mosshart.

The singer of “The Kills”-has observed King Karl in Café de Flore in Paris and reported:

“One time, I was at Café de Flore in Paris and he was sitting outside on a bench on the pavement almost like a statue — it was the most amazing thing … People kept walking by, sitting down next to him and having their photos taken and then they’d get up and walk away. He didn’t say a word.”

Karl Lagerfeld pretended to be dead to not be annoyed by trophy-photographers. How goddamn cool is that, please?

We should all take it as an example and play dead more often – especially in situations we’re not in the mood for.

We bow as deeply as we can before the absolute coolness of this big, old designer. Karlie, you’ve absolutely deserved to be our “Dandy of the Week”.

Photo: bz-berlin.de

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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