Dandy of the Week: G-Dragon

Our ‘Dandy of the Week’ changes his looks more often than David Beckham his underwear (3x per day). He is the wet dream of every Korean teenie-girl: G-Dragon.

The rapper from the K-pop boy-band Big Bang is reinventing himself all the time. The older he becomes, the stronger are becoming his looks. GD seems – in spite of most music-stars from the western hemisphere – to know no limit. 

He is wearing make-up, androgyne haircuts and unisex-clothes. He rocks ‘looks’, which even A$AP Rocky would not have the ‘cojones’ for. GD is in many ways completely different to our last Dandy of the Week, but certainly impressive in his way.

Givenchy is one of his favourite labels. The love story between the Korean rapper and Givenchy went so far, that he changed his first name (Jiyoung) in GIYONGCHY. Next to Givenchy, GD is mainly wearing Hood by Air, Saint Laurent, Rick Owens, Jil Sander, Louboutin, Prada and Ambush

And of-course the rapper is also wearing JUUN. J. You have got to show some local patriotism. GD enjoys the hip hop references by JUUN. J. It is his favourite label from his home country. 

If G-Dragon is wearing suits, they are from Thom Browne. The ‘shrunken suits’ by Browne fit the not-that-tall Korean perfectly. 

G-Dragon, who premiered in a TV-show at the age of 5 and later on discovered rap thanks to Wu-Tang-Clan, is an icon in Asia since years. And also worldwide fame seems to be close:

Missy Elliott recorded a song with him lately. And the HYPEBEAST magazine and DAZED & CONFUSED chose him as their cover boy

The influence of the fashion-admirer is gigantic: When GD is mentioning a label on Instagram (2,317,266 followers), it is guaranteed that it is going to sell successfully. 

After G-Dragon coloured his hair blond, half of South-Korea entered the hair-salon asking for the same colour. Only the poor North-Koreans were not allowed to. Because GDs blond hair is not on the list of the 10 approved hair-cuts by their chubby dictator Kim Jong Un. 

A ‘scandal’ caused more interest of the western world for G-Dragon, who, different from his K-pop-colleauges, earned a rougher profile threw that. 

In 2011, G-Dragon was tested positive on marijuana (understandable context: Drug-consumation equals more interesting, right?)

The amount of THC found, was about one joint. GD explained, that he accepted a cigarette from a stranger at a party in Japan in May, but that he threw it away, right after he realised that it was not a normal cigarette. 

Even if G-Dragon, different from Bill Clinton, inhaled the ‘shit’, the charges were dropped. That is not usual. Because in Asia, even small violations against drug-use can end in jail. 

But G-Dragon managed to stay out of jail. Therefore we are able to enjoy the certainly inspiring looks of the first Asian ‘Dandy of the Week’.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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