Dandy of the Week: André 3000

He was named “Best Dressed Man in the World” in 2004, and PETA made him the “Sexiest Vegetarian Alive” the same year. André 3000. We are awarding the musician with the many different looks and names the first Dandy of the Week in 2013.

There are many reasons why the eccentric music talent, who also goes by the names of Possum Jenkins, Dookie Blossomgame III, Benjamin André, and Johnny Vulture, deserves to be our first Dandy of the new year.

André 3000 has a common child with Erykah Badu, is very stylish, owns a gigantic closet, has had a wart removed, and he is the founder of a men’s fashion line called Benjamin Bixby.

Also Mr. 3000 is the only guy on this planet who can pull off a combination of Jodphur trousers and jackboots without looking like a mid-evil knight’s man.

As opposed to brand victim Anna della Russo, André 3000 doesn’t really have anything for wearing brands from head to toe:

“I hate looking like a mannequin. And by that I mean like if you go to some store and the mannequin’s head-to-toe in designer brands. I hate head-to-toe dressers.”

The key look of André Benjamin, that’s his real name, is a polo shirt combined with a preppy jacket. He completes the outfit with a farmer’s straw hat.

GQ listed André 3000 among the “Most Stylish Musicians of all Time”, describing him with the following: “Perhaps the biggest risk taker in that list”.

Images: FashionBeans.com

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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