Dandy Diary X Vice X Nokia Luma 920

Recently our friends from VICE asked us to come to our highly estimated and feared club “Wilde Renate”. Instead of Gin Tonics we only had Coke – and instead of a full on rave we only had a bright red NOKIA Luma 920 smartphone in our hands.

That we had fun nonetheless was mainly because we were allowed to test the phone for it’s sturdiness. We were told it’s indestructible – and we wanted to find out whether that is the case. Which we did. Didn’t break. Despite repeated drop tests from the highest heights.

Then we got bored and we tried out the integrated camera, that worked flawlessly despite the gloomy lighting in the club. We then spontaneously did the typical blogger pose: Blogger A takes photo of blogger B. Totally cool, totally 2009 – and all that despite taking photos being strictly prohibited. We’re such punks!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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