The regular reader would know: SPIEGEL ONLINE recently did a story on us. And because our current press photos are about two years old we just went ahead and had new ones taken. It’s really not fun to see ugly face from two years ago travel the Internet.

So we quickly jetted to Berlin-Friedrichshain, stood in awe for a few minutes upon seeing the small, backyard photo studio of future star photographer Ole Westermann – to then be captured in a record time of 9 minutes. Afterwards we left again receiving the finished photos on our mobile phones 10 minutes later. Insanely quick, that Westermann guy!

The pink background is obviously an evil implication of the perverted bright pink fashion world – if you will. We don’t. We just think pink is trés chic. And: No, the color combination black and green with our outfits is not a political statement. David’s Afghan shepherd hat is though, just like my necklace with the former pope’s portrait.

Anyway: Here they are, our new press photos.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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