DANDY DIARY x FACEHUNTER · Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party · CHANGE: Live Acts

Dear dancers, we’ve got to announce a change in the line-up for our DANDY DIARY x FACEHUNTER Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party:

The Blitzkids will not appear, but we were able to obtain the rattenscharf  Notic Nastic.

The reason is relatively simple: The Blitz Kids dumped us. They would totally like to play with us, but then got the acceptance for the great, great Michalsky-Style-Niteon Friday night of Fashion Week – and wanted to play as well. Since Jenny Elvers and RTL are also gonna be there. Other reasons we can scarcely imagine. Pretty cool, you cool Blitzkids. For us it wasn’t a problem at all. Like we do not give a damn. Couldn’t care less.

But since Michalsky doesn’t really like us much, he simply forbad Blitzkids to play at our party three days before his. Pretty confident. Pretty kool, Michi.

Very well. So that’s it. We can live with it.

Much to our luck, we can book an at least equivalent replacement: Notic Nastic, which apparently are actually ubercool – and not only until RTL calls.

We say:

C’est cool – NOTIC NASTIC (yeah!)
C’est not cool at all – BLITZKIDS (boooohh!)



Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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