DANDY DIARY x FACEHUNTER · Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party · 3. July 2012

Dear readers, groupies and fans, gentlemen, dear ladies, models, dandies, sugar mamas & papas, dear critics and non-critics, dear designers and photographers, dear artists, animals and circus directors, dear friends.

Berlin Fashion week is ahead of us. The summer is one step further. Both fits together perfectly and is per se a great cause for a party. For all of us.

For the second time in the history of our time-honored fashion blog, we therefore invite to Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party on Tuesday, 3 July 2012, in Berlin (yeah!).

Not unlike Christmas Eve, which is known to be celebrated the night before the actual Christmas, we invite to the rollicking dance party the night before the start of Fashion Week. On Tuesday, of course. No compromises. Because we all know that once the fashion week begins, noone looks as fresh as before. We have looked in the mirror and in other people’s faces, at times – for hours. So of course we want to have nothing to do with that. At ours everyone should be, so to speak, as fresh as fuck. It’s Tuesday, after all!

And as we worked together with Katja from Les Mads last season, we’ll have a man on our side for gender reasons this time , a true It-Boy of the international fashion scene: Mr. Facehunter Yvan Rodic – a worldwide acclaimed street style icon and the man about town.We chose Yvan not only for impact he has on women but also due to his capacity of drinking as much gin and tonic as us. He really can. We’ve seen that.

The Berlin Fashion Week is known to be a colorful circus of good mood, enigmatic people, boisterous models overdressed editors and eccentric parties. At least that was the case at our last party. Consequently – and because the crazy weather drives us good – this time we shifted our bash in two circus tents with enough open space for you wild cats.

Depending on weather we reccomend a scarce outfit that would cover your shame, if at all.

Those who need outfit tips as girls looks it up here: http://facehunter.blogspot.com

The guys please do it (exactly) here: www.dandydiary.de

Whoever wears insane circus costumes from the 1920s, not only has a good chance for a tête-à-tête with the Facehunter but also gets special service from our two shaved ladies on the door.

We hereby promise: the DANDY DIARY x FACE HUNTER party will be sharper, wilder and more memorable than anything commonly heard of, seen, experienced or speculated on Fashion Week parties, fashion parties and so-called fashion parties. Really true.

Tuesday, 3. July 2012 // 10 pm
Circus tents// Am Postbahnhof // Berlin

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Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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