DANDY DIARY Photo Love Story: A Day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger

After all the media stir about our streaker, the nomination for the LEAD Award, the honor in GQ as “Top 100” U40 men, and last but not least all the fame that came with our summer hit single “My Girl” it is now time to explain what actually do all day, as fashion bloggers. Because you know, that still seems to be a big mystery judging from all the fan mail we receive every day.

To give you some insight on our stressful every day life we have long contemplated an adequate way to present it. Since a 24-hour video live stream wasn’t really practical we stole a brilliant idea from very awesome journalist Daniel Wilmer.

A few weeks ago she told us that she was going to re-introduce the good old photo love story, i.e. the type of narration that we all remember from BRAVO or POPCORN. In the 1990s photo love stories used to be what “Berlin day and night” is today: A brutally realistic depiction of smaller and bigger dramas.

So Daniela wouldn’t be mad at us for cheekily stealing her ideas we just got her onboard – and had her do all the work. She took the photos, wrote the lyrics and made them look pretty.

Thus, for the premiere of the very first DANDY DIARY photo love story she gets to add her two cents in a highly professional manner:

“We all know the insanely horribly produced love stories from BRAVO or GIRL. Suspense, Sex, and Love – all packed into small boxes with award-winning dialogues. It was the idea to work with this aesthetic and get a new take on fashion to present it in a different light. And who would be better suited for part 1 of the blogger love than the two complete fashion twats that look like they have been stuck in one of the stories since the 90s… to be continued!”

We’re already excited as hell what the sequels will be like and now wish you a lot of fun with our very first photo love story: A day in the life of a fashion blogger.

Mehr von Daniela Wilmer hier.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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