DANDY DIARY nominated as “Blog of the Year” at LEAD AWARDS 2013 (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)

We don’t really know what the so called LEAD AWARDS are but a nice, quite busty little birdy tweeted us that we’re nominated in the category “blog of the year”.

On the homepage it says:

“The LeadAwards are Germany’s leading recognition for Print- and Online Media. They haven been awarded for 21 years now and enjoy a very high reputation in the media- , fashion- and advertising industry.

Prices are given out in the catrgories “magazines”, “newspapers”, “advertising”, photography”, and “online” for outstanding work.

It can’t be because of the stone-age layout of the DANDY DIARY website or its loading times of 10 light years that we’re nominated – unless it’s for nostalgic or vintage reasons. However, we don’t think the LEAD AWARDS jury would be that old fashioned.

Instead we believe the jury members might have gotten horny from the highly athletic performance of “Miky the Streaker” at the DOLCE&GABBANA fashion show.

Or, it’s a shallow attempt to grease-ball their way to a spot on the guest list for our next Fashion Week-Party.  We’re so full of ourselves that would definitely work.

Anyway: we are very happy about the nomination and wish all the other nominees (MaryJessiMatze, and the others) all the evil in the world – despite personal sympathies and the recognition of their fantastic work.

May the jury squash you!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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