DANDY DIARY & FRIENDS: “CHRISTMAS TIME” (feat. Jean Paul Gaultier, Diane Pernet, Bonnie Strange, Rolf Eden, Michael Michalsky, Facehunter, Herr von Eden, Betty Dittrich, and many more)

Dear readers, frenemies and family, 

It was kind of clear that we wont rest on the incredible success of our huge christmas-hit-song of the year 2012, ‘Christmas Time’.

After our summer-hit ‘My Girl’, for which we consulted a friend for the very first time (like all big artists do, check out : Daft Punk & Pharrell) and therefore started to hit the international charts together with our man MR.PRESIDENT, we have chosen to invite less close friends this time, to sing with us to our biggest hit.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to present you:

DANDY DIARY & FRIENDS – ‘Christmas Time’ (2013)


Fashion designers like JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, MICHAEL MICHALSKY or BENT ANGELO JENSEN (Herr von Eden) contributed themselves as much as street-syle-icone YVAN RODIC (‘The Facehunter’), fashion-critic DIANE PERNET, Germanys playboy ROLF EDEN and It-girl, designer and wife BONNIE STRANGE. Therefore nothing stands in the way of another world hit – and you are the first ones, to watch it and listen to it. Nice, right!?

The whole list of our contributing friends:

Jean Paul Gaultier // fashion-designer
Michael Michalsky // fashion-designer
Rolf Eden // playboy
Diane Pernet // fashion-critic // A Shaded View On Fashion
Bonnie Strange // It-girl & wife // The Shit Shop
Yvan Rodic // Photographer // The Facehunter
Kira Stachowitsch // editor-in-chief // Indie Magazine
Julian Zigerli // fashion-designer
Bent Angelo Jensen // fashion-designer // Herr von Eden
Betty Dittrich // singer
Michelle Leonhard // singer
Jack Strify // singer
Jan Mihm // founder // Uslu Airlines
Daliah Spiegel // DJ // The Pet Fanclub
Ulf // growth-restricted perfomer
Jonathan Koch // butcher // butcher shop Koch
Karolina Mrazkova // model // Modelwerk
Valerie Charlotte // model // PMA
Max Neu // model // Modelwerk
Naemi Schink // model // Modelwerk

Our biggest gratitude is regarding cinematographer, head of everything and cool cat Arturo Martinez Steele, as to yogi and boy-band-friend Lee Sebastian, who mixed the song completely new for us. Also a big thank you to our extra camera-men Muhamed Osmancevic, Robin Rehmann und Masserhit Honda, to the dancers Barbara Weber, La Rubinia and Henrike Krämer. Special thanks to Melanie Massaker, Alexander Pelster and intern-Julian.

And a thousand thanks and greets of course to: the friends! You were so super awesome! And so pretty! And so christmasy 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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