Dandy Diary-Fashion Film: #fashionooball


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear editors,
We are happy to be able to inform you about the start of project #fashionooball.

Today, on Saturday 22 June 2013, a streaker from DANDY DIARY promptly ended the fashion show of Italian brand DOLCE & GABBANA.The idea of streaking, that has been a popular concept in the world of football for some decades now has been introduced to the fashion world for the first time in history.

There have been very prominent references to sport in the fashion world for years. However, we are taking the principle of fusing fashion and sports further than just looking at it from an aesthetic point of view. By introducing the streaker we have infused a ritual from the world of sports into a fashion context: The fan’s autonomous, anti-elite participation at the event. Inclusion through taking part – in our case: Joining by streaking.

The fashion show of Italian brand DOLCE & GABBANA has not been a coincidental selection to realize this idea. In 2009 designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were the first ones to  allocate first-row seats to bloggers – thus turning them into Marketing tools subsequently. This strategy has now been reversed:

The DANDY DIARY bloggers used the DOLCE & GABBANA show to make visible their radical interpretation of fusing sports and fashion.

The fact that Milan was the location for the DOLCE & GABBANA show while also being a city with football-crazy people in a football-crazy country is very fortunate – and our gratitude can probably only go to the football god.

On Friday 5 July 2013 the movie will be shown in an installation for the overall #fashionooball project as part of Berlin Fashion Week. Separate invitations will be following shortly.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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