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Yesterday night we celebrated the launch of the first DESIGNER FOURSOME (Top Trumps) in the world – with obviously the first DESIGNER FOURSOME TOURNAMENT. That was crazy and the finals were more dramatic than we could have hoped for.

The winner of the tournament (whose name we cannot mention here due to tax fraud reasons) received €1,000, black and tax-free that also weren’t donated by a random sponsor but financed by David and myself.

Thanks to all our guests that drank with us, played the Foursome with us, were excited with us and placed illegal bets. It was a huge-super-duper-pleasure!

And of course the biggest thank you ever goes out to our friend Phillip von Mollenkott, who hosted the evening in the most chauvinistic manner possible, insulting or mocking each and every guest at least once. Awesome!

Von: Jakob







No-Go: Coat Slinging!


A few years ago, streetstyle-experts started wearing their jackets or coats around their shoulders, instead of putting their arms through their sleeves. The technical term for that is ‘coat slinging’.

Recently, the german newspaper BUNTE (!) reported about the styling-trend. ‘Coat slinging’ therefore officially became a ‘no-go’. So: dear friends with good taste, please stick your arms in your sleeves from now on.

Because a sleeve without an arm, is like Justin O’Shea without Veronika, like Cara Delevigne without eyebrows: somehow not complete.

In 2008, Scott Schuman (aka: The Sartorialist) has revealed the first case of ‘coat slinging’ on his blog, afterwards an epidemic broke out, from which the fashion-world still has not recovered.

It has been enough: put your jackets on properly again! Otherwise you appear like a gay fashion-journalist from 2010 (who would put his arms into sleeves nowadays)

Von: Julian



As usual terrifc setdesign at Henrik Vibskov!