DANDY DIARY – “Christmas Time”

Dear readers,

Right on time for Christmas we’re releasing our first single today: Dandy Diary – “Christmas Time”

With this first song we took on right away the Champions League of Pop Music: A Christmas song. Of course we couldn’t have done with any less. After all, we do see ourselves joining a tradition featuring the likes of Mariah Carey, the Backstreet Boys, and East 17.

It was also the latter two who inspired the outfits in the video. It’s as 90’s as it gets – even though all the clothes were taken from 2012 and 2013 collections. If there is anyone left out there denying the 1990’s comeback, he or she is a damn liar.

We wrote the song itself at the end of November, and recorded it in a studio in Hamburg. We made it a point to sit there with candlelight and heavy red wine, packing the song with the maximum amount of emotions possible. One of us even cried while recording, overwhelmed with feelings. We’re obviously not giving away who that was though.

After all the excitement we’ve had in 2012 – the fashion porn, the design cooperation with Signum, the elephant at the Fashion Week party in Berlin, the illegal Foursome tournament, our first gallery, all the filed complaints, the lawsuit, and the sex party recently in Hamburg“Christmas Time” is our signal to the world to reconciliation: we are like you. We too, are Backstreet Boys fans!

For 2013 we therefore hope for not less but more love. From everyone, to everyone and between everyone. Or as we sing in the song: “Let the love into your home.”

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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