Damir Doma speaks truth on Berlin Fashin Week

Whenever you’re travelling abroad, regardless of where it is, New York, Ruo de Janeiro, or Seoul you always look at glowing eyes when talking about your hometown Berlin.

Berlin Fashion Week however, still has the charm of a TJ Maxx event in Bochum. Germany wants to be glamorous. It remains an attempt.

The selection of designers and locations are certainly a big problem but designer Damir Doma addresses the more underlying issues in a current VICE interview.

Doma who has studied in Germany feels the main problem are the organizers of Berlin Fashion Week, IMG.

“Germany doesn’t have an overarching organization such as the Fédération française de la couture or similar ones in Milan: An organization that is above all the marketers, and decides: Who can show? Who makes the schedule? When does he show? And so on. In Berlin the marketers come first.”

And their interest is, understandably so, first and foremost the money:

“Acquiring sponsors and milk them for money. After that though, no one helps the young designers to get press coverage, build up a distribution, draw international stores to Berlin etc.”

Paris-based Damir Doma speaks truths that are rarely heard in Berln. We thank him for that. The complete interview of the Game Changer is available over at VICE Magazine (in German).

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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