Damien Hirst x McQueen: Not for People With Insectophobia

Artist Damien Hirst and the deceased Alexander McQueen had a few things in common: Their origin, their passion for provoking depictions, or even their affinity for skulls.

Hirst caused a stir in the art world with his diamond-laced skull. The “enfant terrible” of the British design scene – McQueen – on the other hand had skulls printed on scarfs for his SS 2013 collection. The skull quickly became his trademark.

10 years after McQueen first launched the scarf with the iconographic print there will be a 30-piece strong skull print collection for the label McQueen – designed by the other, alive skull fan from Great Britain.

Hirst took inspiration for his designs from his “Entomology” works: A series in which colorful insects such as moths, butterflies, or exotic insects unknown to us are causing kaleidoscope-effects.

The Damien Hirst x McQueen” designs feature loads of insects. Nothing for people with an insect phobia – everyone else should definitely get a hold of a piece, for the currently super hip kaleidoscope trend.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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