Copenhagen Fashion Week: the Prints at Asger Juel Larsen!

London seems to have a similar importance to Danish designers, than Waziristan to terrorists. It is ‘the’ place for young talents to be educated.

Not only Stine Goya, Henrik Vibskov and Anne Sofie Madsen earned their skills in London, also Dandy Diary favourite ASGER JUEL LARSEN.

For his collection ‘Arctic Suburb Manual’, AJL imagined the horror-scenario of a plain-crash in the Antarctica. Asger Juel Larsen designed over-dimensional gloves, jackets and functional pants.

Especially exciting: the prints – AJL showed two looks with tribal-patterns. But this ‘tribals’ are very different, from what one might remember from ex-girlriends in the 90s. Threw the engagement of XXL-size, the tribal does not seem trashy, but wearable. More about the comeback of tribal-patterns here.

Next to tribal-patterns, Larsen presented digital-prints of heads, legs and arms of children (a bit frightening) and graphic ice-crystall prints – in grey, white turquoise – which wonderfully picked up the topic of the collection:


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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