Copenhagen Fashion Week: Soulland S/S 2013

Silas Adler, designer of Soulland, used Russia and the “iron curtain” as a topic for his previous collection entitled Imperial. For Spring/Summer 2013 he dealt with the French academic upper-class.

He showed the Bourgeoisie collection in a multi-storied abandoned villa. Fashion people had to walk through the premises, and up- and down the stairs to review the models in Soulland designs.

To see were cut-out shoes, the famous fedora hats in bright color, trench coats, total looks with Soulland-logos and floppy hats. The classical catwalk was to watch online via smartphones. Scancodes standing next to models were gates into the virtual world of Soulland.

A wonderful, as expected, wearable, collection. A presentation that unites the past and the future.

Photos: David Kurt Karl Roth

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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