Coolio: Baby blanket vests by Bunth Clothing

Usually we really unimpressed with fashion labels making sustainability their quest because who cares under which conditions stuff was produced and where the materials are from. We don’t, that’s for sure.

What matters is, attention please dear kids, what the shit looks like at the end of the day. At Bunth Clohting, a label that can be described as sustainable, the final product rocks, that’s why we’re making an exception this time and report on it.

Bunth Clothing was only founded in 2012 by designer Salar Mousavi. In his first collection baby blankets, that some of you might remember from your childhood days, and blankets with prints are being transformed into vests.

The result: Innovative designs with naïve, colorful, graphical motives. From small pigs, to rainbows, and palm trees.

At Selekkt you can by the handmade vests for €179. When you incorporate this into an outfit you should pay attention to contrast the naïve, innocent expression of the vests, for example with the pusher bags we love so much.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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