Comeback: The Ralph Lauren Polo Bear

RALPH LAUREN are being nostalgic. They want to re-introduce the Polo Bear in their portfolio.

The teddy bear printed on the sweaters originates from a gift the employees once gave their boss Ralph Lauren. They gave him (he seemed to like teddy bears) a Steiff-Bear and dressed him in a Ralph Lauren outfit. Ralph was allegedly so moved that the employees made the gift a tradition, dressing the bear in a different outfit of the company’s founder every year.

Then at some point, Ralph decided that the bears in his outfits were looking too good in his private collection, selling them to selected collectors in limited editions. Every time, each bear outfit was being sewed by the same people that had also sown the original Ralph Lauren pieces.

Taking the teddy bears as a reference we can now all see beautifully just how butt ugly some of company founder Ralph Lauren’s outfits were that he was running around in. This one for example: Cowboy boots, light jeans, big belt buckle, checked shirt, jeans shirt, bandana, and suit jacket.

There is a poll on the Ralph Lauren homepage where you can vote for the bears you think should be printed on the sweaters.

We obviously vote for the ugly one in the cowboy boots.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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