Collaboration:BEEN TRILL x KTZ – Spring 2014

KTZ and BEEN TRILL are currently among the most popular brands. Both have managed to achieve a wider public through social networks, but then grant only limited access to their clothes – mostly everything was just sold out – and so ascend to absolute hype brands that are loved by all – even by superstars like Rihanna and Kanye West.

The more exciting it is to see now, how the collaboration of the New York street-wear looks with the London avant-garde label for spring 2014. The question is: will KTZ manage to apply his avant-garde vision on the street – and is BEEN TRILL able to take care on not losing his street cred? 

Although we appreciate both brands very much and we would be too happy having the whole wardrobe full of their parts, however, we must say: the BEEN TRILL x KTZ collection stays far behind of what would have been possible here.

Among others, the collection featured far too narrow 3/4-Shorts, college t-shirts stripes on the sleeves (rather 2013), the well-known patch with snakes, death metal motives and the insider keyword # DeepWeb, as well as generally rather uninspired and already seen.

So much more would have been possible there. This is neither avant-garde nor street. Really a pit. But maybe it’ll work for the next attempt. We remain excited – and fans, of course.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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