Collaboration: A$AP Rocky X Raf Simons

Rapper A$AP Rocky and DIOR designer Raf Simons seem to have teamed up to release a joint collection. Yawn!

A$AP Rocky may have drawn some attention with his avant-garde-like clothing among the fashion crowd, but you can’t really say about Raf that he’s a true hip hop kid. Quite the contrary: He seems more like a boy who doesn’t listen to music at all and instead prefers learning math formulas by heart. A Nerd – and one of the really not cool ones at that.

Speaking of formulas: We’re going to go ahead and break down the code lying behind the letter combination “A$AP Rocky and Raf Simons”:

Scraping (raffen in German) together as much money ($) as quickly as possible (ASAP) to be able to afford one of these unspectacular hoodies.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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