Cold Palace: How Karl Lagerfeld resides in Paris

Silverback Karl Lagerfeld finished his Paris apartment after a renovation phase that lasted two and a half years – or well, he had others finish it of course.

That’s why, full of fatherly pride, he invited design and architecture magazine “Architectural Digest” to take a few photos – and now we get to catch a glimpse at the ice cold living reality of the CHANEL designer.

When we first saw this we directly felt a very, very cold shiver that culminated in full body goose bump action we still haven’t been able to shake off. It feels like death knocking at your door. Not nice.

His crib looks like one of those horrendously cold design hotels where you sleep like shit. Or like the show-off wanna be intimidating ad agency of a random cocaine addict. Or just like the sterile sleeping laboratory of a star designer alienated from humanity who rests his mighty pony tail at this place.

(via High Snobiety)


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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