Clueless in Florence

Major Problem! I must be styling the latest, hottest, uber coolest men clothes that hang in Luisa Roma store here in Florence,on a model in just over an hour. The whole will then be highly professionaly (and therefore, logically, not by me) photographed.

Here I stand in a die-hard competition with about 50 top bloggers from around the world. The course can all style much better than me. Sometimes they’re even stylists. I am, however, just a simple drinker.

Particularly clever am I as well: I haven’t made the styling job easier by, to the astonishment of everyone else, asking for a female model. Now I can understand the frown of my colleagues, because: HOW THE HELL DOES ONE STYLE MEN’S FASHION ON WOMEN? I am a little perplexed and I appreciate any suggestions via Facebook.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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