Club-Foot for ‘Chucks’-Fans: Rick Owens DRKSHDW ‘Ramones Sneakers’

Our favourite goth RICK OWENS is still working on his vision of the perfect club-foot.

This time he put his eye on a club-foot unlikely shoe-model: he created a sneaker that has similarities to the more lean shoe-classic ‘Chuck Taylor’ by CONVERSE.

Even this linen-shoe seems like the hoof of an ox. Ricky probably is very happy. Us, not so much: club-foot-shoes are great – but ‘Chucks’  are pretty shitty. 

We are sure: if anyone could turn a flip-flop into a club-foot-shoe, it would be Rick Owens!

The shoe is distributed by Owen’s second line DRKSHDW and costs 783,- US dollars.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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