Check out: Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season

The fashion film genre is fairly young but it’s developed a cliché already.

Way too often we are confronted with dramatic music, a model gazing dreamily into space, and mystic storytelling that has most probably never made sense for both, the audience and the producers.

A list of Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season at Business of Fashion now shows that it doesn’t have to be the case. The newest creation of Lanvin made the Top 10 of course. Fatty Elbaz proves a keen sense of humor time and again with his fashion movies.

In the current film of the venerable French fashion house the viewer is pulled out of the usual fashion film nonsense by a Skype call by Elbaz. A humoristic approach to break with the prevailing cliché.

Besides Lanvin Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, and Prada also made the cut. They’re all strongly recommended. Please come this way to the best.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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