C’est cool: Yin & Yang Symbol


Yin and Yang are two terms from the Chinese philosophy. They stand for polar opposites who still have principal and energies affecting each other. We don’t care about the meaning behind the symbol, cause here it’s not about some quack like philosophy, it is about something essential, about faaassshhhiiiooon!

The Yin & Yan symbol is celebrating a revival in the fashion-industry. The talented JW ANDERSON designed a sweater with the Chinese symbol for his ‘Capsule Collection’ for SUNSPEL. And KTZ is mixing Arabic and Chinese symbolism: The KTZ ‘United Apron’ T-shirt is available online, at STORM store.

Who finds 255 euros – that’s how much the KTZ shirt is – too much, can just get a tattoo of the hip symbol for about fifty bucks. Plus you finally have a tattoo with a meaning and stuff.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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