C’est cool: `Wingman-Style` by Beate Uhse

We think safe sex is fantastic. That’s why we’re very happy about having been sponsored by Wingman condoms by Beate Uhse for our Dandy Diary Squat House Party.

During our crazy opening party willing couples had the opportunity to put the wingmen to the test in our Wingman Room that was sparsely decorated with a mattress, tea candles and inspiring reading.

Since we were busy getting anarchy tattoos, drinking from a beer bong, moshing, talking shit to people, and stage diving we didn’t get to try the Beate Uhse innovation on the battlefield of love ourselves in the Wingman Room.

Therefore, we had to postpone the obligatory test to our beds at home. According to the product description you can put on the Wingman condom “within two seconds in the dark using only one hand.”

So we’ve tried this for you: Lights off, making out hardcore, then, with one hand of course, slipping the condom over the dick, and taking the time. Record time: 1.9 seconds. The following act of sex didn’t take much longer. “Almost without”.

The innovation of the Wingman condom is a small wing-shaped clip that man, woman, ladyboy or whoever grabs with one or two hands to roll it over the penis. Once the Wingman is rolled down completely the clip detaches itself by magic. Then off you go (and ‘get’ hopefully).

Two Dutch graduates of the Technical University Delft had this genius idea for the Wingman. The pioneers of the condom industry that never again there has to be a battle between condom and dick, clumsy and unsexy instantly before having sex. We are very grateful to them for it.

Below are instructions so nothing goes wrong in the heat of the moment:

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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