C’est cool: Tribal Patterns


Right: We find tribal-patterns cool. Well done, of-course. For example, a leather T-shirt, shirt or sweater with tribals, not printed but stamped out. When we start talking about tribal-patterns, at Dandy Diary, we are not thinking of long-sleeves with tribal-prints, available at provincial fares for a ‘penny and a dime’, no, we are thinking of a cool and wearable version of the tribals. For a long time, tribals represented the evil, the ugly and the unfashionable. And still there will be people, also the fashionable ones under us, who will rub their eyes while reading these head lines. Or even worse: already left Dandy Diary, forever. That would be a shame. There are many reasons, speaking for Dandy Diary, and naturally also many, for a fashionable examination with tribal-patterns. The first blog, that seriously addressed tribal-patterns, was LynnandHorst. Let’s give credit where it is due. Designer, who lately used tribals, were Mario Schwab and Martin Rose.

If you look at the history of tribals, it quickly becomes clear, that the 90s, when thousands of girls got ‘slut stamps’, is just a tiny and ugly part. Already thousands of years ago, indigenous people of the world decorated themselves with tribal-tattoos. And now, now it is time to praise the tribal-pattern, maybe this time in a prettier way. Without the slut stamps and so on.

Photo: Media.Onsugar.com


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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