C’est cool: THE NORTH FACE

THE NORTH FACE – more outdoor, more function-wear is impossible. Therefore super-duuuper-cool – and more so super practical, when winter is arising over Berlin. 

In THE NORTH FACE jackets, you are able to hike to the peek of Nanga Parbat without a problem, even without well-paid sherpas, who are spending warmth during lonely nights. So what could winter here do to you?

An effective method, to put dusty brands into the spot-light of hip crowds, are collaborations. 

THE NORTH FACE banded together with SUPREME, to produce reissues of nuptse jackets and nuptse vests. During the London Collections: Men, many boys were already spotted in The North Face jackets.

The plan seems to work. The US-outdoor-company for hikers, nordic-walking-grannies and ambitious bobsleigh riders is becoming the ‘shit’ for hipsters from Hackney to Hongdae. 

It is a good time for outdoor-brands. Because after all the beautiful sneaker-brands – ASICS, NEW BALANCE or KANGAROOS – could celebrate their comeback, it is now the turn of outdoor-brands. 

Jackets by THE NORTH FACE are presenting two super-current trends: fat down-jackets & functionality. Who does not have a winter-jacket yet, please come here and just sweep mom’s credit-card.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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