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Jean Paul Gaultier: End of his Ready-to-Wear Collection!

The times, in which JEAN PAUL GAULTIER was influencing fashion, are lying in the past. In the beginning of the 1990s, it probably was the last time that JPG has hit zeitgeist (besides his appearance on Dandy Diary’s Christmas Time)

He was designing the costumes for Madonnas ‘Blond Ambition Tour’ in the beginning of the 1990s. Underneath the legendary pointy bra. Back then the ‘Queen of Pop’ was very hip, by the way, and wasn’t running around, dressed head to toe in ED HARDY.

Via Women’s Wear Daily, Jean Paul Gaultier announced a few days ago, that he will stop producing his ready-to-wear collections and is going to concentrate on Haute Couture, his fragrances and his cooperations.

A wise decision by the partially stripe-wearing blonde, because, let’s face it, the, besides a few examples (RAD HOURANI unisex-collection), still-standing world of Haute Couture is fitting pretty well with the, around 7 light-years away from zeitgeist, designs by Gaultier.

In a statement towards WWD, he complains that the limited possibilities as the fast pace of the ready-to-wear collection, are not allowing any freedom for his new ideas and innovations. You could say it like that.

We wish Haute Couturier Jean Paul Gaultier good luck.

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