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Von: David





Berlin No Name Fashion Week!

The Berlin fashion week is one of the best fashion weeks in the world, if it’s about showing designers every half a year, to it’s ‘professional audience’, that nobody has every heard of before and who usually are never seen again after their defilees.

Because often the new unknown only stick around for one, tops two seasons, to then disappear for ever out of the radar of the fashion scape of Berlin. One should not ask the question if local designers are interesting enough, to carry a fashion week, but if fashion designers who are brought here are providing a serious additional value.

This season, the Hungarian label USE UNUSED is going to present their collection for the first time at the fashion week in Berlin. Also the Italian label CAPARA and Whitetail (Belgium) are new.

In case only one label of the three newcomers will be able to arrange the budget for another show at the Berlin fashion week next season, that would already be impressive. All three newcomers would have not been recognised by even the most educated fashion journalist, before appearing on the show-schedule.

Nothing against labels from abroad or newcomers (because at some point you have to start). When WOOD WOOD was showing for two seasons at the Berlin fashion week, that was a benefit. Or when Mercedes-Benz arranged that the great Iris van Herpen came to Berlin.

But many shows from totally unknown ROMAINIAN designers, INDIAN designers or fashion designers from the baltic states are not providing a very urgent upgrade for the Berlin fashion week.

The list of designers of the last five (!) seasons, who only showed once in Berlin: STUDIO Kaprol, Bagaz, DARE BY JOHNY DAR, Chatty, Brachmann etc. Less designers, more name, that could be a starting point.

Von: Julian




No-Go: Coat Slinging!


A few years ago, streetstyle-experts started wearing their jackets or coats around their shoulders, instead of putting their arms through their sleeves. The technical term for that is ‘coat slinging’.

Recently, the german newspaper BUNTE (!) reported about the styling-trend. ‘Coat slinging’ therefore officially became a ‘no-go’. So: dear friends with good taste, please stick your arms in your sleeves from now on.

Because a sleeve without an arm, is like Justin O’Shea without Veronika, like Cara Delevigne without eyebrows: somehow not complete.

In 2008, Scott Schuman (aka: The Sartorialist) has revealed the first case of ‘coat slinging’ on his blog, afterwards an epidemic broke out, from which the fashion-world still has not recovered.

It has been enough: put your jackets on properly again! Otherwise you appear like a gay fashion-journalist from 2010 (who would put his arms into sleeves nowadays)

Von: Julian



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