C’est cool: Stone Island

No-name clothes are a total no-go. During high school Jakob and I always beat up and bullied the kids whose parents didn’t have enough cash to buy their kids branded clothes.

Even though we hardly kick peoples’ assess or kill them anymore because their sporting the wrong outfit we are still have a true brand fetish. A brand we especially love at the moment is Stone Island. That’s why we’re shouting into the joyous night:

C’est cool: Stone Island

British hooligans, known far beyond the British Empire’s borders for their distinct style consciousness, discovered Stone Island already in the 80’s. The rowdy protagonists in classic movies such as “Hooligans” and “The Firm” wore Stone Island noticeably often.

As opposed to other labels that were proclaimed favorites by the hools (e.g. Burberry), Stone Island was never shocked about their radical customer base. At some point they even had their own in-house football blog. We obviously think that’s brilliant.

However, there are also a few other reasons to give your heart away to the Italian brand. Stone Island is also known for their functional innovation. And functionality is, as we all know, THE shit at the moment.

Stone Island invented the Ice Jacket for example. A jacket that changes its color depending on different temperatures. They also use reflecting materials at Stone Island, as was the case with the Reflective Jacket, an innovation consisting of thousands of glass fibers. It reflects even the smallest bit of light hitting it.

Now that we’re thinking about it, we actually don’t really care what the jacket can do. As long as the brand logo, the Stone Island compass badge, is stitched on the sleeve we’re more than happy.

Photo: Still from the movie “Green Street”

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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