C’est cool: Skechers Sneakers

Skechers – more sporty, more functional, more plastic – is impossible. Hence super-cool, because the sneakers trend will be with us for a while still. So it’s alright putting aside your Asics, Nike, or Kangaroos for a while and go for Skechers.

The logo of LA GEAR subsidiary alone is already spot on: A speedy “S” that the Nike Swoosh has nothing on, plus a subtle color  range – from neon green to neon orange – has us ecstatic.

The selection of brand ambassadors for Skechers is visionary too: it ranges from Britney Spears and Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky to the Black Eyed Peas.

Since the American shoe label doesn’t only have hyper modern running shoes in the portfolio but also shoes that are, well, less tasteful, here are a few recommendations from the current collection:



Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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