C’est cool: Heron Preston “Found Factory Defect” NASCAR Shirts

HERON PRESTON (pictured above) – designer, marketing strategist, It_Boy, and photographer, became famous in the pre-tumblr era.

He photographed the movers&shakers of New York for his NYC year book “The Young & The Banging”. Later Preston designed a counterfeit of the GIVENCHY Rottweiler t-shirts that spread faster than tripper in a whore house.

For his current project, the super hip “Found Factory Defect” NASCAR Sweater, Preston plays with originals, copies, and trademarks.

The NASCAR logo is twisted, all other sponsor logos are just barely alienated. The shirt shows that a copy, newly interpreted can be more innovative than the original.

You can, or better – should, purchase the NASCAR sweater here. The sweater is part of a bigger trend we dealt with in the beginnings of 2000, the racing trend. Hip Hop star and trendsetter Pharrell Williams was recently seen in a racing jacket.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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