C’est cool: GUCCI Caps & Hats

In the youngest history, we wore and celebrated one chav-brand after the other. Mainly the chav-brands that we hyped came from the sports- or workwear-section.Therefore their origin is the proletariat. 

It is different with GUCCI. GUCCI is an italian fashion brand, founded in 1921 by saddler Guccio Gucci. GUCCI stood for luxury from the very beginning. A high-fashion label, which kept working with details from the posh sport of horse-riding. One just has to think of the GUCCI loafers with the horsebits. 

Threw the massive copying and counterfeiting of GUCCI bags, belts and hats, bought by proletarians, to own something coming from prestige and glamour, the image changed. 

GUCCI no longer stood exclusively for luxury, but also for chavs. What made GUCCI actually interesting for the peak of the fashion industry.

Without wanting it, GUCCI caps became key-itmes for russian oligarch-ladies and rude bullies from the suburbs, who contrary to the caviar-eating ladies, could not afford the originals. 

But is it even important to wear the original? Isn’t the long-lasting ‘No-Go’ of fake designer clothes, especially interesting? 

Heron Preston and Will Fry copied designer-clothes in the U.S. and became cult-stars of the avant-garde scene. Therefore we advise you to buy a GUCCI cap or, even better, fisher-hat – doesn’t matter if fake or original. 

As always more important: the implementation. The chavy statement – GUCCI cap – only works, if the rest of the look is obviously fashionable, otherwise you probably will look kind-of bad.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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