C’est cool: FUBU

And we continue telling about awesome 90s brands, that nobody acknowledges and therefore are totally hip. This time: FUBU.

Founded in 1992, and – according to the urban myth – named after the first letters from the words ‘For Us By Us’, which is regarding that the brand is run by Afro-Americans for Afro-Americans, used to be hottest shit ever in the late 90s. Whoever was wearing XXL-clothes by FUBU, was showing: I belong. White kids (‘wiggas’) in FUBU-clothes happened to seem a bit ridiculous, but they did not seem to care. Again cool  and edgy and anti  and real – just N*Sync always looked shit (picture)

Today FUBU is called FB LEGACY and produces pretty lame stuff. But some L.A.-kids found the old, original brand and made it their own: the shop ‘Freak City’ is selling fake (superkool!) FUBU-pieces in the brutally hip 90s look. We find this worshiping of hot 90s brands totally good, naturally, and are yelling: C’est cool! C’est cool!

So let’s go kids. Buy some fake or vintage XXL-FUBU-clothes, run with them threw your truly truly white suburb and feel the LL Cool J in you, Yo! 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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